Let’s Talk to One Another

These are times of many economic changes. The internet is now forming a new economic path that is replacing the old brick and mortar mindset. More and more of us are educating each other while incorporating the same standards of etiquette that has always been honed as necessary for respect and good communication with others.

It used to be that a product was put on the market and coldly advertised with the belief that it would sell itself. We did not spend the time to realize that all along word of mouth advertising was actually determining the success of that product on the market. Word of mouth advertising is now rising to an all time high with internet marketing as we communicate with each other via the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Apsense to name a few.

As large as the global economy is, the internet economic stature is now getting people to share electronically what is good and what is not, because we are all talking about it. As internet marketing agents we are practicing better etiquette, not only because we can be spurned by Google as the big daddy, but also by other agents who detest spam and demand more refined techniques and presentations.

I have observed through my own premature advertising attempts that I receive critical remarks by email from other internet teams called tribes who have pretty smart people who are determined to keep internet marketing professional and show that this truly is our new global economy. I have been scolded and felt really hurt when the person who scolded me was sending me professional articles daily and sharing great value and not spam.

This says something about me and who I am. I am coachable and want every good thing that I could get. I must pay attention to the needs of others first before myself if I want to attract respect from others in the internet marketing arena. I actually enjoy the social media network and speaking with people who would normally pass right by me in the streets and not mutter a pleasant hello. They are now on the internet sending me a friend request without any predjudice or malice. The internet market in the social media arena reminds me of the good old days when elders would correct you and did not let you say crooked things and expected you to be better at anything that you did.

Yes in deed it is now an electronic economy that is being governed by the social network arena where we are all learning to be leaders and assisting not only countrymen, but a global network to conform. Yes, this is the new world once again. As men crossed the Atlantic and started a new life in the Americas, the internet is bringing us all into a new world crossing an ocean of social pluralism.

Word of mouth is still number one in the advertising community and leadership is now being demanded from just about any team member as it is absolutely necessary if goals are to be accomplished. Welcome to the new computerized economy that has the old popular economy in shambles.

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